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If you had memory seats these wires would be used.

Remove the 6 pin plug white cover

Remove the 12 pin plug housing

Now the wires are ready to be removed from each plug. Each pin is individually labeled so you can't miss it.

12 Pin ---> 6 Pin

#3 Red --> #4 Red
#4 Green --> #3 Green
#5 Black --> #1 Black
#6 Gray --> #5 Gray
#7 Brown --> #2 Black

After a while, I managed to transplant the wires from the 12 pin plug to the 6 pin plug as seen below.

Sealing not used wires

These two wires will be connected to the SAM module

Pressed and soldered plugs on the 2 wires

The mirror switch. The fold button sends a signal on pin 6. This pin must be connected to the input of the SAM module (to receive the signal). The 6-pin plug is blank on pin 6, therefore, I cut one of the unused wires (pink or orange or white) from the mirrors to use the plug

White wire slides in place.

Connecting the wires together

Wires coming from SAM module

Connecting the wires for testing. This time I secured the M3 mirrors on the car too. Same bolts as the old ones.

You have a few options where to get power from. I chose the easy way. The radio lines. With a multimeter, it's a mater of 1 minute to find a constant 12v, switched 12v source and ground. You can also use the BCM - Body control Module (shown later) to get power from.

This is the connecting schema from Innoparts. Translated from German

And the final results:

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