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Hi found this thread based on 320de46m47's recommendation. I have the SAM wired up and the mirrors fold and unfold when using the button connected to the Brown/Black SAm wire. The problem I am having is that when my car is locked with the mirrors unfolded, when I unlock the car they fold up which is I believe is due to the Brown/Red wire connected to pin 51 (blue wire) door lock signal wire. The wire is supposed to send a positive pulse which would cause the SAM to unfold the mirrors if folded, but should not cause them to fold if they were previously unfolded.

Could you please verify how you have connected the Brown/Red wire and whether or not your mirrors unfold or fold when you unlock the car.

I have had to pull the fuse from the SAM module for now as it is a bit ridiculous having the mirrors fold up whenever I open my car.
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