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Originally Posted by patroklai View Post
So on your sig pic you seem pretty dropped unless that is just a photoshop. You should definitely get H&R Race. If you go sport, you will be disappointed and will end up spending more when upgrading to new shocks and springs. Get race, you shocks will hold up OK for awhile, then upgrade shocks and you are set to go. I think some folks mix the race springs with Koni shocks / struts.

As far as subbing, what kind of offsets did you get? Lowering your car is not going to make your rubbing any better. When you take it in for alignment, let them know you'd like a little more negative camber in the rear as long as it is within spec. This should also help with clearance.

Yeah, the sig is photoshopped. That's about where I'd like it to be.

The wheels are et38, and I'm sold on the H&R Race springs.

Will the car definitely need an alignment after I install the shocks? I took it in for one not two weeks ago, and it cost me more than these springs will.
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