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My vote would be move to college, save up, THEN do springs and shocks all at once. That way you don't have to do the labor twice, and you won't have to deal with the worries of rubbing under a load of dormroom stuff.

Rubbing is not so much an issue of ride height as it is wheel/tire geometry. If your wheels and tires will rub at full compression, then it doesn't matter one bit which springs you have. Springs will only change how often you hit that rub point, not whether or not it exists. It should be fixed with fender rolling or different wheels/tires either way.

If it were me, I'd go with the Sport, not Race. The more you slam a car, the less useful it becomes, IMO. And you'll start to really mess with suspension geometry and affect bushing life. Get the sport springs and then get swaybars - that will give you a better handling and more comfortable ride than the Race springs ever would.

But that's just me

Edit: Also - asking how long stock dampers will "last" with aftermarket springs is an exercise in futility. You will greatly accelerate the wear rate of the stock dampers, period. Most typical consumers never replace dampers unless they're blown. For those of us that care about the way a car rides and handles and can appreciate the difference between a brand new set of dampers and one with 70k miles on them, we know that they are a wear item just like tires and brakes. If you are going with a lowering spring with a higher than stock spring rate (which it damn well should be), then you need a damper to match. Otherwise you'll have an underdamped suspension and you'll bounce down the freeway like a slammed Civic. And I'll laugh at you. So in conclusion, NO you will probably not "blow" your dampers. YES it will not ride like it should. YES you will not be getting the full benefit of springs without replacing with aftermarket, stiffer dampers. YES you will accelerate the wear of your current dampers until your car rides like a trampoline.

Hope I helped Good luck man!

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