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Originally Posted by F1004fun View Post
I like the Euro software idea but I haven't found anybody that can flash the DME for just secondary air removal. This would work at least in CA, because you only need like 5 outta 7 or monitors to be concluded to pass, so if all the others were good it should fly.
And to pie33oci, I hate to be an rude but you might want to check on that statement. The DME looks at pre-cat sensors for the lean signal upon secondary air injection, I know this because I have had my rear 02's disconnected for months and only throws no-signal faults, the day I took the secondary air off I got insuficient airflow faults, put the pump back on and no more faults, I think it even says in the GT1 that the DME looks at pre-cat sensors to test the flow out of the pump. Both front and rear sensors are the same with the same heater circuit, they both get up to temp and swinging voltage in about 15-20 seconds upon startup, even a cold start, the front 02's just a little faster. You sound like a smart guy and I'm not trying to knock it, I can hold my own to though.
Back to my original question, anybody know any electrical engineers that can make a little circuit? I'll pay em, give em beer, whatever.
I play with this stuff pretty extensively, however I'm sometimes mistaken on some details. This is one of them. A while ago I had to monitor the O2 sensor signals to trouble shoot some fault codes....the air injection pump was connected so I didn't have any issues with it. I understand what you are trying to do, but unfortunately I haven't heard of anyone succesfully simulating an O2 sensor output that the DME will accept. It seems to want to see the voltage fluctuations...

One option would be to try installing a pair of Innovate LC-1s as the pre-cat source, then program the voltage output thresholds to what the DME is looking for.

Another option is to wait for Shark Edit to arrive...

Originally Posted by TxZHP04 View Post
Secondary air operation described starting around p37:

The context is X5 but the motor is still M54.
I've had that for a few years, good reference. There's also a Z4 based M54 doc, and M54 introduction doc floating around.
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