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1. Stage 2

2. TC Motorsport in Calgary, AB.

3. 8000 miles

4. Broke passenger side axel after 2 or 3 weeks (pump+meth+s6 1st to 2nd shift), scraped and broke lower charge pipe.

5. Calgary, 25C avg summer temps, 3700ft average elevation. I have driven 2500 miles to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and back. I've made a bunch of out of town runs too. 1 day on the roadcourse. I drive it to work here and there too. May be doing a Chicago road trip later on this year.

6. Not hot climate.

7. I rotate between 3 cars going to work. Depends on my mood. Weekends I only drive the M3.

8. Always pump+meth. Now that I got a button installed, drive to work is usually in pump only, and only turn on meth when someone tries to pick on me.

9. No emissions testing here.

I couldn't be happier with this kit. It's like losing your virginity the first time where you have that stupid grin on your face for days, except it lasts months (and still counting!)

I was so bored of my M3 in January and listed the car for sale. A few of my other options turned up with nothing and I put the money towards this kit instead. I can't think of parting ways with this car now.

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