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Originally Posted by NightWolfe View Post
I'm sorry but no ...

Members like him that give rude responses are uncalled for ...

I searched .. I read that entire thread he posted ...

No where in that thread did it say that M3 Rear Sway Bars won't fit .. there was no mention of them at all ..
which is why I said I assumed they would not fit, and I just wanted some clarification .. a simple yes or no ...

Posting a link to a thread I've already read is not helpful .. since he already knew the answer he could have just said .. "No they don't fit" ...

I definitely appreciate the help I've received from members more knowledgeable than I .. but no reason for the attitude .. if it bothered him so much that I asked the question he could have just ignored me .. but rudness like that drives new members away from the site ...
Originally Posted by NightWolfe View Post
I did search .. didn't find that though, and must have missed that one post in that 5 page thread ...

Glad you spent all that time to prove me wrong ... do you feel better now?
Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
Night needs an attitude check. Wow.

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