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snikwad wrote:

"Wow, mine must be worth about the same then.
Tell me, how do you like the diff swap with the shark? What rpm do you turn at at say 70mph in 5th? Is it way busier on the hwy?"

I love the diff swap! I would say that it is my best mod by far. It really gives you some torque. I tried a lightweight flywheel first which was great off the line in the lower gears, but was less effective on the freeway in third gear. Plus, the clutch did not mate to the flywheel very well and wore out too fast. I removed it and put the diff in instead. IMHO, the shark is almost a necessity with the diff because you get more time in each gear since you shift more. Paired up with the Conforti CAI, I would say that the Shark would be the second best upgrade. I turn about 3800 RPM at 70 MPH, but the thing really pulls. I seldom downshift to 4th to pass someone. Yes, it is busier, but not too bad. I think you turn about something 500-600 RPMs higher than you normally would. I've been doing oil changes every 3500 with synthetic. It is still reasonably driveable on the highway, but becomes a bit of a challenge going to say, Vegas because I tend to want to go about 90 mph which runs the R's up to about 4500. I think my top speed is now 125 mph just because I'm redlined. Imagine that redlining 5th! Hahaha. Since gas is such a topic, I used to get about 30-32 mpg with the old diff, now I get about 26. If I coast a lot and be gentle on the peddle, I can get up to 28.

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