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Just got the alignment. They used a Hunter D300 or something.

He had to pop the factory alignment pin out of the strut tower and pushed the whole thing inward on each side.

A few things kind of bugged me though. First off, he didn't weight the car anywhere, just drove it up on there. During the alignment he used an impact wrench to loosen AND tighten the bolts on the rear trailing arm...meh. He used a manual wrench on the strut tower and tie rods though. Also he didn't lock the steering wheel centered while doing the steering linkage adjustments, just eyeballed it...idk. It was different than the last alignment I got that's for sure.

While changing the strut tower adjustment (3 bolts on top), he had the wheels completely off the ground. I don't see how you can adjust camber if there is a foot of wheel gap, and the tires are angled 20 degrees outward

I don't know how much difference the weighting makes. The steering seems a lot less touchy now. Before I had to constantly make adjustments because the steering was so sensitive, and now its somewhat more planted feeling. I will upload the alignment sheet later.

Any input on those few things?

Oh yea, the full 4 wheel align was only $75.

Look at that subtle jet-black coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a 6mt.
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