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That ski pass door is pretty sketch. The latch that holds it shut isn't very durable and if you put a sub with any kind of magnet, it's going to be way too heavy for the plastic material and hinges.

Building the custom mount was really easy. Here's my set up and build (cut and pasted from many posts, so sorry if it gets jumbled.....) :

Ok, so after dinner I started working on this and thought I would start reporting back. All I did tonight was take out the oem sub/ski pass. Here are the steps so far:

1-With the top up on the car, fold up the compartment that holds the top in it so you have room to work in the trunk. (See your manual if you don't know how).
2-Open the swinging subwoofer door.
3-Unclip the wiring harness to disconnect the sub.
4-With the top still up, remove your armrest and unravel the ski bag into the back seat of the car so it's out of your way when you're in the trunk.
5-Back in the trunk, look through the tunnel through the skipass. Near the edge, about 1/2 an inch in, at the center of every side of the square, you'll see a tiny notch for a clip. Take a very thin tiny screwdriver and press in there to seperate the back 1/2 of the sub enclosure from the front half. Do this on all 4 sides. Yours might come apart at this point, but mine was still very stuck on the 4 corners, even though the centers would pry really far apart.
6-So to get it apart, I started the inside portion of the job. At this point, open the vert's top compartment back up and drop the top on the car so you can work in it.
7-First, pull off the flap of leather that keeps the armrest hole covered by simply lifting the long clip apart. It spreads around the bar it's connected to.
8-Remove the bottom cushion of the rear seat first by pushing on the front ledge (where your knee would be if you were sitting down). Push it backwards towards the trunk and then lift up. The seat will unclip from the bottom. Then lift it out of the rear clips and it comes right up as one big piece.
9-Undo the two 12mm nuts that hold the back portion of the rear seats in. They are located under where the bottom cushion was, about half way between each seat. They are holding down a metal tab that is connected to the backs.
10-Once those are off, simply lift and remove the back piece now.
11-Now there are 4 Torx bolts and a 14mm bolt that are revealed that hold in the ski pass from the front. If it's easier for you, you can remove the bag at this point by taking a small screwdriver and prying the thin plastic bars that wedge the bag edge in place. Remove all 4 and the bag is out. Pulling on the bag while you pry helps make this easier.
12-Once all 4 torx bolts and the 14mm bolt are removed, all that's left is to seperate the front 1/2 and the rear 1/2 of the ski pass. From the inside of the car looking back into the ski pass: You'll see the centers are pryed apart from our work earlier (especailly if you just left the little scred driver in the notch holding the edges apart) so now there's the corners that are still stuck. I took a gasket scraper (looks like a flat-head screwdriver where the flat head part has been smashed really thin and wide) and slid it into the gap. From inside the car, start on the TOP RIGHT corner, slide it as close to the corner as possible and pushed it all the way in... then take a hammer and lightly tap it.
13-The side tab that was holding extremely tight on the corner pops off and the whole thing splits open. The reason I say to start on the TOP RIGHT is because there is a gap in the plastic that was made there I think to stretch so that's the spot that will open up the easiest or won't snap.
14-Now both pieces come apart nicely and you can take the ski pass and stock sub door and ski bag all out of the car and you have a nice clean hole for the new sub.
15-I cleaned and conditioned the leather on the rear seats while they were out of the car.

Tomorrow, cut the MDF and mount the sub....
Sorry to be so long winded, but this would have been helpful to me so maybe it will help one of you.

Ok, box built and installed.
Sub installed.
Now to mount and wire up the amp!
Here's some pics for now...

So I started out by using cardboard, made the two side triangle pieces so that it fit flush with the face. Then I made a cut out for the face. Then I forgot that I had to subtract the thickness of the MDF so I had to trim the triangles. Then there was a lot of back and forth to get the triangles to fit. It was really tight. A lot of sanding. Then after it all fit, I decided to carpet any area that would either be seen and also any area that would touch the metal to try and minimixe squeaking.
Then I forgot that would just make it even tighter. So it took a little 'convincing' with a rubber mallet to get the triangles in place. Then I screwed the face on. Then the sub in place. I don't think that is ever going to come out without some serious work.
So the point that I traced the templates at was before sanding and carpeting, so after I put it all together, I was like those templates are usless.
I think I could dig them out if someone really wanted them, but if I were you, I'd just make them on your own with carboard too.
Wow, sorry so long, but figured I'd write it while I remember it....
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