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Official: Strange eating habits thread

or any sort of eating habits that you posses that anyone has ever pointed out to you to be weird or a certain way that you eat things that some may find odd...

i'll start:

- i save a certain flavor or color for last when i eat fruit flavored candy, for example, i eat all the green skittles last, or save anything thats watermelon flavored for last.

- (i dont find this strange AT ALL but as people have told me...) when i eat burgers, instead of eating in one direction, i tend to eat around the middle and save the middle - most delicious part - of the burger for last.

- i enjoy corn on a cobb with sugar instead of butter.

- before i eat a burger, i take it apart, dump french fries and lots of dipping sauce onto it before putting it back together and eating it

so lets hear what some of you guys do lol
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