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Thanks Tom for your input and the links. It's much appreciated. The only thing I don't see in the other person's description is how he actually got access to work on the purge valve. It just describes how they traced out the breather line to find the purge valve.

After contemplating about it some more and looking at it under the hood again, I think I'll try to remove the air filter housing to try to reach the purge valve under the intake manifold. It just seems like it may turn out to be a bit of a challenge if I discover that the breather lines are tough to disconnect from the old purge valve and if re-connecting the breather lines to the new purge valve are tough (because I'll be reaching under the intake manifold to do it and may have to feel my way around without a complete visual as I disconnect/re-connect breather lines). But, removing the air filter housing seems to easier than removing the intake manifold. I just wanted to confirm with someone who had done the work before on the same model of vehicle [before I start taking things apart].
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