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Ok, I am a master on intercoolers, aftercoolers, liquid and air now, not really a master, but educated, so I know the deal. Still any thoughts and insight on my water alc. vs. custom intercooler which for my ride is going to a be a kit from Vortech for an after cooler it looks like, which is essentially what my WI does since it cools after compression vs. intercooler prior to compression. Anyway, for this ish to work it's going to be tons of work, custom fabed stuff and all for 2 psi increase?? I think I should go much higher with boost and a smaller pulley even so that I go up 4 psi to 10 psi so when the aftercooler or intercooler slow air down I still get an actual 8psi plus to the engine and at a cooler air charge temps. Sounds to me like an intercooler cools down prior to compression to fit more air and cool down external air, but still is hot as hell when it comes out and goes to engine, so actually aftercooler is better for protecting and avoiding detonation just doesn't add as much power since it doesn't increase the amount of air that can be fit coming into the compressor. So many variables. It seems like if my water alc holds down internal temps actually in the engine then it is superior as latent heat is absorbed extremely by actual water in the air charge evaporating, vs. just coming in contact through fins and stuff for milliseconds with any kind of inter or after cooler. Hold something hot against a cool pipe for a second or spray cold water on directly on it and see what cools it down faster.

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