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Originally Posted by SPDu4ea View Post
I understand that the top of 2nd won't hook up, but that doesn't mean you can't brake boost in 3rd.

Step 1: Floor the accelerator in 3rd
Step 1.5: hold your speed steady with your left foot on the brake
Step 2: lift your left foot off the brake on the 3rd honk and take off at full boost...
Pretty sure it will trip the ecu out, I know on the Porsche turbos it does.

Does the owner of this HPF turbo car have a LWFW? It could help a GREAT DEAL. I just ran a Z06 with 125 shot and some bolt ons in my GT2 and pulled him from the get go, as I do with my friends supercharged viper too... All depends how the car is setup and managing throttle waiting for that honk, of course bigger turbos play a big roll, but mine aren't small by any means.

I'm very curious to drive one of these turbo M's, itching me hah... I'm sure they are fast as hell!

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