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I replied to your PM.

When doing so, I didn't realize that you already have injection.. Some good info in there thought. I think when you start packing on too much on that VT1 setup, you need to get the whole thing re-tuned.. Have you talked with ESS yet? Or, is there a shop doing custom tuning? If so, what would be the cost? Soon, you should just sell the car and get an M..

Originally Posted by jhriss View Post
For a decent kit I'd have to have a full service shop I use to do this at $100 and hour so that looks like 14 hours or so $1400 and tax then $2100 for the ESS kit, so like $3600, but more actually cause if I have to take off the bumper I need to have an antenna and my laser star heads r an i'd too, so when said and done just for an intercooler $4100. I could just put better cylinders in and new seals/O-Rings or maybe stroke man. Is it really worth it to do this if I already spent $1200 on Water Injection?? I mean seriously, is this really going to give me that much more or is it really necessary to not blow my engine?? At this rate, I might as well just rebuild and do new cylinders it looks like and not cut boost etc?

Thoughts suggestions, seems like this is over precautionary, I could just get away with 2psi more and bump up the WI spray or go with a bigger nozzle.
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