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Ugh.. sounds cool, not that familiar with MTH cartune; sounds like it provides the ability to fine-tune your software yourself?

When you say just a reflash, what do you reflash it to? Is it preset for the configuration you have or is it based on your own fine tuning? Can you for example, make the 5k-7k band at WOT 5% richer or leaner? That type of self tuning?

Might have to hit you up on that if my cold air takes the current tune outside the ability to self adjust...

As we talked about, I'll post some pics of my setup once it's done. Need to get creative and fit that intercooler somewhere.. the front mounted heat exchanger is done and looks pretty sweet..


Originally Posted by jhriss View Post
Hey Kanaljen, I am using ESS new software for the upgrade kit and a pulley and contitech belt from them so it all goes smoothly. I have the ISO1494 com port to USB adapter, a current version of MTH Cartune with release code, so when I get it put on I'll just use my laptop set with the right com port and reflahs, takes about 10 minutes when you're ready. Let me know if you need info on this.
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