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Hey man,

That is true, I have no cats at all. So much more power man. Seriously dude, before you go messing around making a custom intercooler bro, you need to get those restrictive ass headers and cats the heck off there. When you have forced induction you have so much more air and exhaust you need to move through there. If you get those things off there you'll feel at least like 45 HP and a lot of torque and more throttle response man. After the SC, it was night and day, then with a set of RD headers, same as supersprint only Italian made, it was like night and day again. Trust me it's worth the $1200 or so, or get them used for like $750 or so, only thing is install is like 9 hours of labor for a shop cause they have to lift you engine out a bit and un do some of the SC ducting, but seriously you need to get some headers man, and if you can get away without cats like I can cause i reged my car in a county at my other addie that has no emissions, then do it!!

Jason Hrissikopoulos
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