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Originally Posted by yellowss, View Post
I had a coil pack go out last month before I got the HPF kit. Then the day got the kit (8/29) another one went out and I got that fixed at the stealer for $172. Yesterday (9/3) another one went out? I talked to HPF and they said use the powertrain coil packs instead of the bremi ones. So instead of changing the bad one, I bought 4 new powertrain coil packs and replaced the bremis. I now have 6 new coil packs. After I get done doing so, the car is still sputtering and shaking. After changing the coil packs are there any codes that have to be cleared or something else I was suppsoed to do that I didnt know about?

HPF also said check the gap on the spark plugs and make sure its .024. I will do that this afternoon, but if that doesnt fix it then what? I also ordered new plugs to see if thats the problem, but the HPF kit came with new plugs, so they shouldnt be old. Any input would help.
They should be gapped at .024. Let us know.

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