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I thought you guys were already on top

Originally Posted by HPF Chris View Post
Now that we've dialed in 4 stages of turbo systems, (1, 2, 2.5 and 3) you guys might be wondering what we're working on now. Since I've had a few drinks, I figured I'd tell you since I'm pretty excited about it.

We're working on the next stage. My car is getting a new fuel system next week and we're turning up the power in excess of 900rwhp (1100bhp). You've probably seen many HPF stage 3 races where the cars fall behind at 80mph due to traction issues only to come back hard at 140mph. No more with our new stage 4. This stage will utilize speed based boost control. Boost will increase progressively providing the maximum boost the tires can handle at low speeds increasing progressively until the tires can handle full power at the higher speeds. This will allow the driver to floor it at any speed at get the correct amount of power and the maximum amount of acceleration. In the event that wheel spin occurs, our EMS will also initiation our own traction control that has 5 different sensitivity settings controlled from the cabin. This traction control is unlike any other traction control system on the market today. You will not here a popping sound from the exhaust from ignition cut, and it will not pull back the throttle. It is an ingenious traction control system that JP has developed. With our traction control you won't hear it at all, in fact you won't even feel it. It will decrease power immediately to prevent wheel spin but will do so in a very smooth fashion. With this setup, you can also leave BMW's traction and stability control on. That will allow the driver to nail the throttle at the apex of the corner and have the power come on evenly without spinning the tires or losing control. All three mechanisms when dialed in properly for the tires the owner is using and the road conditions should allow our customers to dominate at the track.

This is an exciting time for the M3 and an exciting time for us. Creating these new products allows us to continue to push the envelope and we'll continue to push it until we've reached the top. I'll keep you guys posted on the progress and post up pictures and dyno graphs and videos of all of this in action. The next videos you see of my car will not be of it playing catch up!!!

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