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Originally Posted by thefitter View Post
Thanks, but the Bentley manual seems to have different specs also! I think my head is going to explode! I have never with so many differing "technical specifications" in my life. I'm begining to think this is art not science.

I will try and scan all these and post them. I posted this yesterday on a another forum.
I'm sorry I guess I was not very clear. What I meant was that I got print outs from the alignment machines showing what the specs should be. And they had different data in their programming for the same vehicle.

For instance the left front camber:

BMW Dealer Spec Range -0.6 0.0

BMW Indie Spec Range -0.7 0.0

Goodyear Spec Range -1.1 -0.4

(I converted these so they use the same format.)
Dealer Spec range = standard suspension specs, ride height compensated

Indie Spec range = standard suspension specs

Goodyear spec range = sport suspension specs
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