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Fixed my crazy door locks by replacing relays. my DIY

Last week i had to take a client to lunch. Lucky for me, it was one of the days my car wanted to be a b!tch. For over a year i've had the crazy door lock problem a lot of us seem to have. About half the time, more so on hot days, my car wouldn't unlock. Then I could manually unlock the driver door with the key, but not the passenger, trunk, or gas cap. I would get in the car, start it, and try opening the passenger door from the inside. It would still be locked. I tried pushing the lock/unlock button over and over. Nothing. Then suddenly, sometimes after a few tries, sometimes not till the next day, the locks would work again.
Of course, when I go to the dealer, the car works fine.

I decided to fix it today. I knew it was the relays in the General Control Module.

1. had a nice jack and coke to get me warmed up

2. had to get the general control module out from behind the glove box.

The Glovebox...

Open It....

Take out the 6 screws......push downward on the whole glovebox while pulling at the same time

Take off the 3 wire harnesses. the first one is a sliding lock, so slide the outer clip to the right and the harness will come out. the second and third, you press the black clip down in the center of the white pry clip. Then, pry the white clip. The harness will come out. Sorry the jack was settling in and I missed the wire harness on #1....

The Red shows these metal tabs that cant be removed and are RIGHT in the way of pulling the general control module out. SOOOOO you have to pry these black tabs pointed out with green.....and get the whole yellow tray/holder thing out. At the very bottom of the whole yellow tray/holder thing, there's a 10mm nut you have to remove. Pull the tray out, and start pushing it down. Once you have enough clearance, press the tab, and remove the box. SUCCESS.

Yea right. Heres where it gets hard.

Ok, so I could have sent this unit to this AWESOME web site where a guy has a ton of the relays and he'll do the work and send it back to you. BUT, I like working on the car, so he has an option to just buy the relays for a great deal of $35 for the pair. I got them and so here is his website with what he has, what you can get, and most importantly, how to replace the relays.



Additional notes: Unsoldering is a B!TCH. So I had to get a high temp solder. Thank you to CYBERKAA for coming over and trying to help.
First, you gotta scrape off the clearcoating glue crap over all the soldering points on the 2 relays.
Then, with a high temp soldering iron, heat up the prong and use a solder sucker, pull the solder out. It helped when i melted the solder, i pushed the pin back so all solder was in teh front of the hole making it easier to remove.

After the relay was out, I used solder braid to clean out the holes.

REplaced, resoldered, and reversed the entire process.

Everything works great now!!!!
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