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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
I almost bought some M54 cams on here to put into my sharked M52.
I was told that I'd prolly have to remove the shark injection since it wouldn't match the M54 cams.

Then when I enquired about the actual cam swap, my tech buddy asked his master tech. He said there is a special tool that is required to replace the cam brackets, I believe they're called journals. Well anyway, this tool is to ensure that they are not over tightened when replacing the cam. I 1st thought, hmm, what about regular ass torqueing it to specs. But I guess our BMW heads are too sophisticated for that simple method. Since its already 2 for the master tech and 0 for us, I decided to just take his word on this one.
Besides after contacting TMS they said I'd have to get custom software or a piggyback type setup to correct my AFR that the cams would throw off. So I've decided to research swapping M3 brakes unto my 328i and maybe dropping a S52 motor inplace later on, instead of boosting.
Wow I'm going to call BS on you needing diff software to run M54 cams.

BMW even sells the ZHP cams as a "BMW Performance upgrade" to the non-m owners. There are lots of people on here running even more aggressive Schrick 264/248 profile cams even without any form of tune. Vanos can compensate for different profiles enough, and you will definitely notice a performance increase without software. While I will agree that a custom tune would be best, running your shark with any cam profiles publicly available will be fine. I'll also say that I wouldn't spend money on labor to put 330 cams, or even zhp cams... If you are going to do it, get the schricks for sure!

As for the cam tool, that's true. It can be done without that tool, but BMW says it shouldnt... just like we should never change our transmission or diff oil The part about the cam change process that may be difficult is the timing, which I think there is a special tool for as well.
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