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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
damn guys, now you all got me thinking about this cam swap again. Active how many parameters does the shark injection change, does it alter cam timing too, i was made to understand that this is where the problem lies, that the timing is adjusted for the M52 cams and that the M54 cams may throw it way off.
It doesn't alter cam timing, vanos does that. The double vanos can adjust cam timing for pretty much any publicly available cams, without the need for tuning.

Some sites list the M52TU schrick cams as 248/248, which are pretty close to stock zhp cams. However, the ones listed for the M54 are the 264/248, which I would recommend, even on the M52tu.

To give you an example, when you're boosted you can run the 248/256 cam profiles, which vanos makes up for, even without a tune. I've heard that the max adjustment on the vanos for the exhaust cam is a 256 profile, which is why no one really runs anything higher than that.
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