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jbeurotech, this thread is just about how the malfunctioning EVAP purge valve on my car was replaced which resolved the PO444 fault code in my situation. In my situation, it was a solenoid that went bad on the purge valve [which seems to be a likely culprit of the PO444 code from the feedback that I've heard from a few other customer-oriented BMW service professionals]. Certainly the PO444 fault code could possibly be other issues such as loose wiring, relays/switches, etc. Some of us posting on this online board are spare time DIY'ers and not professional techs like yourself that do this everyday. Your comment about testing before you replace the part is a valid point. But, I believe that I speak for many on this board, that mocking people is not in the spirit of this board. Being a professional tech yourself, perhaps you can contribute to the posts with more detailed and helpful information about what to test, how and where to test, and with what kind of testing tool you recommend using {if you've already posted on the subject of testing for this fault code and situation, posting the link would be helpful}.

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