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Sorry if it was offensive but replacing a part just because a code said so is stupid! I have posted many times how to test the part to make sure it has failed. I have even posted how to test it with DIY tools. I can do a search for you but I know I have posted at least two times how to test this part. I DO HELP on this board and sometimes my posts are not the most politically correct BUT if you ask for help I will help if you ask to replace a part that you don't know where it is on the car and want to replace it because of a code I KNOW YOU did not test the part. Another member mad e a valid point about the breather line may be broken or have a small hole in it going back to the tank and you dismissed him and said that NOT YOUR ISSUE how do you know if you didn't test. This is were my comments came from. It was not ment as an attack on you just the procedures you used to make this repair.

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