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Originally Posted by yellowss, View Post
I know the normal that most people use is VP racing 110 leaded and Sunocco "the standard" which is there 110 leaded.

The cheapest place in town I found sells Rockett Brand racing fuel and it is 111 leaded and it is almost $1 cheaper a gallon than VP.

Here is a link to the Rockett Brand racing fuels:

Will this be ok to use?

Here are the stats of all three brands:

VP 110 leaded
Color: Purple
MON: 107
RON 113
R+M/2 = 110
Specific Gravity: .720-.735 @ 60 F

Rockett 111 leaded
Color: Red
MON: 106
RON 116
R+M/2 = 111
Specific Gravity: .726 @ 60 F

Sunocco "the standard" 110 leaded
Color: Purple
MON: 105
RON 115
R+M/2 = 110
Specific Gravity: .728 @ 60 F
Vp is overrated. The best brand is Sunoco, and it is cheaper. Never heard of rockett before. Why dont you run Sunoco GT+. It is unleaded and will provide just as much protection as 110 leaded(and more power). And wont destroy your o2 sensors.
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