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Originally Posted by OCswedishM3 View Post
Vp is overrated. The best brand is Sunoco, and it is cheaper. Never heard of rockett before. Why dont you run Sunoco GT+. It is unleaded and will provide just as much protection as 110 leaded(and more power). And wont destroy your o2 sensors.
The race gas setup for the HPF cars requires minimum 110oct. GT+ is only 104oct and won't provide as much protection as 110. It will give you some more power b/c it is oxygenated, but that is usually due to it leaning you out some. More octane (leaded gas) will keep the detonation issues down, allowing more timing, but does kill the O2 sensors. I ran 5-10 gallons of leaded through my Audi S4 all the time and just made sure to dilute it with unleaded after I was done having fun. I probably ran 100+gallons of leaded through it and NO issues with my sensors. I data-logged every 1/4 mile run and tuning session and the sensors would react slower for a few days, then they would be ok again. I know it would eventually kill them, but it is the price to pay for being able to turn up the boost and keep the timing high. Just my 2cents....
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