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Originally Posted by elite53 View Post
I track my car as often as I can and use Oem rotors, Oem fluid, and Oem lines with a dedicated track pad. I have never had a problem or experienced any brake fade. The weakest link in the system has always been the tires which are Toyo T1R's. The brakes will over power the tires and available traction every time with this set up. I do have to change the fluid after every trackday though.
be weary though...the minute you switch to a newer/better tire, you will be able to brake later and harder. with the tires no longer the bottleneck, you'll either experience brake fade via excessively high pad/rotor temps, or excessively high brake fluid temps (probably the latter for you since you have dedicated track pads). remember, the OEM fluid might be great on the streets, but you'll see higher brake fluid temps after you switch tires and start braking later/harder - more than likely enough to warrant the switch to high performance fluid.

when i attended my first few track outings my tires were my handicap, and so like you, brake fade was not an issue...but the minute i switched to a stickier tire i realized that two hot laps around the average circuit or road course was enough to fade my OEM brakes. i also experienced the same exact thing (2nd lap brake fade) while riding shotgun in an e46 M3 with OEM brakes...and the driver was an instructor and FAR better driver than myself. if OEM M3 or Supra brakes fade after a few hot laps on the track, i suspect 325ci brakes would fade even sooner, provided your tires are doing their job.

Originally Posted by nleksan View Post
I have StopTech SS Brake Lines...and the SS brake lines really do improve pedal feel...
Originally Posted by JonnyB View Post
I added SS lines and I didn't notice a difference. Our stock lines are much much stronger than you think...
OP, the varying responses just go to show you that it really depends on where you're coming from (i.e. what type/condition your brake lines are in now). like JonnyB, i hardly noticed a difference when i upgraded to SS lines. but i also believe those who say they do feel a significant difference after going to SS lines.

Originally Posted by skipole View Post
...I have decided against the high performance fluid...
good decision...since you don't ever plan on taking it to a track event, you won't need high perofrmance fluid. you'll never brake hard and often enough of the streets to bring your brake fluid up to unsafe temperatrures.
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