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Originally Posted by cartabus View Post
Hi i like the GENUINE M3 MIRROR RETROFIT WITH AUTOFOLD FUNCTION it`s fantastic,how you did it.
I have a question cos i got a BMW 318 e46 compact and i`m will be fitting M3 style mirrors.ok my question is do i need the control module to make all this conversion work, or is the control module just for igniton key and button on the key to make them fold??i`m not sure i explad this right,but i hope you know what i mean cos i orderd the mirrors now and it`s to late to go back now..thanks look forward to hear from you..
If you ordered the autofolding mirrrors and want them to autofold, then you have to buy the SAM1.0 module ( and the mirror switch with fold button (dealer).

i`m bying the M3 style auto fold from this company,maybe you have time and have a look tell me what you think pls.this is the weblink were i both them from,for a BMW Compact( they said to me all i need to make the autofold work is get an eletric window switch and that should do for them to fold in and out the mirrors.but i have to say when i sow your DIY job 2 days later after i orderd and payed for these mirrors,i was amazed.and i kind of like thigs on my BMW to look as good and as best,and your`s stands out by a if it was you telling me what do,what you think i should do pls?go with the simple eletric window swith choice or your M3 MIRROR RETROFIT..?Thanks once again for your help and replay,look forward to your advice on what i should do..
As I said, you can't fold the mirrors with only the switch. If your car did not come with the folding mirrors from factory, then you are missing the fold module. From what I see in the website, the mirrors will be 6-pin so you can skip the pin conversion, but I'm afraid you will have to do the rest of the steps
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