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well for informative purposes in case someone searches this, this is my progress.

- i finally got enough wrench on the stock oil pressure plug to get it off (didnt have to remove sc, but all the plumbing for it)
to my delight, the above pictured banjo plug end fits perfectly, but this leaves me with another problem.

now that i can turn my oil pressure plug into an oil feed line, i have nowhere to put my original oil pressure sensor.
unfortunately every pressure adapter i can find is in NPT (pipe thread, which is tapered) and nothing even close to 12mm
so thats where i am right now, i think i can easily extend the plug for the stock pressure sensor, but i cant fit it into my
new oil lines

if anyone has any advice i would love to hear it. i have an aftermarket oil pressure gauge and everything needed to hook it up
to my new oil line structure, but i dont want to send the ecu into a frenzy

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