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Originally Posted by TxZHP04 View Post
If you do a little research, you'll find Level 10 has very mixed reviews from those that have gone that route. Personally, I wouldn't gamble my money on the outcome of their work. I still stand by my original advice that you would be better to trade in for a manual rather than drop a boat load of $$ on a transmission swap, or Level 10 rebuild.
I probably should have explained....I didnt mean that the information that was stated early was junk... more like not what I was looking for in a response. Im the one who has the thread on the IPT transmission build that they do... they are quoting over 650fptq is what its supposed to be able to handle. Everything is cryo'd heat treated and re worked and from what I have seen from them in respect to the work they do in other german cars and the import scene I wouldnt doubt their numbers.

I decided to make this thread thought to see what kind of cost I was looking at, I live up in south dakota and up here good BMW's are hard to come by. The last M3 that I saw go for sale up here was at my friends dealership and he was asking atleast 7.5k over what it would have gone anywhere else... and he sold it within 2 weeks.There just arent very many that roll around. My 330ci is one of only 3 that I have seen ( town of 240,000) since I bought it 3.5 months ago.

Hope I didnt come off in a bad way with the comment I made earlier.
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