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Originally Posted by mushama View Post

I have now tried to contact ESS a number of times with no response at all!
Try calling them. I talked with Hans 3 weeks ago over the phone

Therefore I'm asking for your help!

This issue might only have to do with cars running FI in Denmark.

In Denmark (DK) we have to get our vehicles periodically checked every 2. year for security reasons, emission control etc.
same here

I asked ESS before I bought the TS1 whether it would be any problem having the car running through this periodically check with the ESS TS1 kit installed.
I asked the same thing

The answer was - "no it's EU certified" and therefore it shouldn't give me any problem.
Same response here

Next week I have to get the car through this periodically check AND I NEED DOCUMENTATION for the emission values and the extra added noise from the SC unit.
Why? Did they ask for the documentation>?

The rules about the added power is of another question. It's only allowed to add 20% ekstra power to your car without paying a lot of extra tax. I was awhere of that, so I'm not going to blaim ESS that the power gain is more than 20%.
Do they dyno test the car??

Another question is; will the old vent belt still fit on the engine, if I don't want to be running the SC unit?
you can try that. Shouldn't be diffucult to bypass the TS since it sits above the normal belt route. The engine will work without the TS unit as long as the ESS injectors are used.

Danish rules sucks BIG TIME but that how it is.

If it all goes wrong, I'll have to revert the car back to as it was before! And I don't want to do that.

Don't tell them that you have a TS in the car. The emmisions shouldn't change a lot. I remember reading here that a member with TS2 passed california smog test with flying colors (correct me if i'm wrong)

//The Desperate
good luck
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