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Originally Posted by funkboy316 View Post
this is true also

on a side note, i was talking to my wife about possibly sending the car back to Portland for stage 2.5 (which she hears as *charlie brown teacher voice* wha wha, wha wha wha). You know what she told me?

"Why dont you just have them strap a jet engine to the top and be done with it".....lol
Nice! That will be the equivalent of stage 4. We're ready whenever you are.

Originally Posted by 05SCM3

In case it doesn't go without saying, you are welcome to experiment with the traction control on my Stage 2 while my car is visiting you guys.


Stephen... We're too loaded up at the moment to install traction control in your M3 and tune a stage 2 car on it. Your car should be dialed tomorrow and ready to ship next week. They're just testing it right now. We'll also have dyno graphs for you shortly.

A note to ALL running angel eyes. If the Angel Eyes on your M3 are not wired up correctly, it will cause inductance on various sensors in the car causing the car to not run correctly. Please make sure you have those wired up correctly.

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