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i am running an ASA blower now at about 6-6.5 psi on a steptronic and thus far no problems i got mine installed around 62k and i'm almostat 77k no problems i just be sure to keep up proper maint. 5k oil changes 15k tranny flushes 30k diff flushes etc. the problem with steptronics is the limits on them and at about 6-6.5 psi you are pushing the limits. i definitely do not regret mine as i am a total sleeper (i eat stock vert m3's for lunch ) the only issue would be modding down the road (headers and an exhaust would add too much power and push my tranny beyond its limits) but then again since your an XI model there might be more complications involved...i would say definitely discuss it with your local installer who has had experience installing s/c on XI models and he will probably give you more accurate advice.
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