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I've had AA C38 stage 1 kit on my car for over 40000 kms. I haven't had any real issues. I always let the car (oil) heat up before it push it hard. Most of the time i drive in the "sport mode". When driving hard, switch the gear up and with in a second let off the gas pedal so the revs can drop down to about 4000rpm. Also it is advised that if you push it, always put it into sport mode.
I do have had issues when i switch from 4th ( bit before redline ) to 5th. But that doesn't happen very often since i rarely accelerate hard to over 220 km/h and switch to 5th.

The dyno showed 284,2hp@6300rpm and 244,6(fl-lbs)@5450rpm
I can keep up with m3's
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