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How to eat in NYC... by yours truley

I tend to hit up the same places in the city whenever I take my cheat day, or happen to blow down a fatty while in the city . Heres my list of hot spots. Trust me when I tell you, you wont be dissapointed.

1. Patsy's Brickoven Pizza in Harlem... unbelievable pizza

2. Joe's Pizza in the villiage (on bleeker & carmine, in between a bakery and deli. Dont be fooled by the million other "joe's pizzaria" spots.

3. Mamoun's on mcdougal st in the villiage for falafel sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, hummus..

4. Halal Cart at 53rd and 6th ave in the city, get the gyro meat with rice, lettuce, extra whitesauce, and some hot sauce. Be warned, the hot sauce is no joke.

5. Gray's Papaya for hotdogs, on West 72nd and _____. Theres actually a bunch of them in the city. Dont go to "Papaya Dog".. its not the same.

and for those with a sweet tooth..

1. Magnolia Bakery... all I gotta say is BEST FUKKIN CUPCAKES EVER HANDS DOWN! Be sure to try the red velvet cupcake as well as the magic cookie bar. Theres one in the villiage on bleeker and west 11th, and one uptown on columbus and I think 68th? Me and my girl love it so much that I am actually picking up a red velvet cake for her 23rd birthday on Sunday. feeds 12-15 people and costs 50$, damn rip off.

2. Beard Papa in the villiage for unbelievably good cream puffs. Theres also a uptown location.

3. Creperie shop on mcdougal in the villiage. If you hadnt had one from here you are missing out! Go with the white chocolate or the nutella. Keep it simple and stay away from the fruit filled ones and crap..

4. Crumbs bakery.. pretty sick selection of cupcakes, but not as good as the simple Magnolia ones.. only been there once, was high as hell so I dont remember the location. google it

5. The Chip Shop on Atlantic Ave in brooklyn.. fried candy, reecees, snikers, oreos, and so on. To die for!

Thats all I got. These are the only spots I hit up when I am in the city and hungry. They are all I need.
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