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Originally Posted by Lemonsqr View Post
Nice writeup. The only thing I would like to add is that it is not necessary to remove the bolts for the airbag. Just lift up the rubber mat from the bottom corner and you will have enough access to the railing bolts....
Unfortunately I replaced my actuator before this DIY was posted, and I removed the central bolt of the window rail as described in this DIY
{in 3. It's the left star-like bolt in (2) and it can be removed with a 6mm? socket. Remove the bolt completely (this detaches the window from the rail). Please note this bolt is reverse threaded.}.
But watch out, something fell down inside the door, and it took me another hour of work after i have finished work to find out that there were 3 parts inside that part (see attached picture: in fact it is not my car, I took it from a DIY).
1-a plastic black cylinder, 2- a round metallic piece with a hole in it to fit the bolt, and 3- a rectangular 4x5 cm metallic piece with a rectangular hole in it .
You have to put the black plastic cylinder inside the hole of the round metallic piece, and put all this inside the rectangular hole of the big piece, and put all that inside the piece shown in the picture, with the stripes facing towards you - to inside the car-. Or else you will have your window play when you open and close it, I guess it is on the coupe models only.. so be careful .
Apart from that, all went smoothly and the lock opens and closes like brand new.
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