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Ok, so yeah, I'm going to call these guys at IPT and see what the deal is in power train loss reduction. For more power I am totally maxed now until I lower my compression ratio and do a whole new really expensive tune. I would need to drop in new pistons and rings with lower compression ratio, possibly cupped for a bit more volume, then tunning would be nuts, and I would of course go to a 3.125 Vortech 6 rib pulley to get around 11 psi , and then ECU work for this is going to be nuts. So if this is not going to get more power to the ground, then it's really not worth it at all. I'll have to figure out of this meshes with the ECU programming for the tranny control module to from the reflash by ESS on the mth.102 software.

Jason Hrissikopoulos
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