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Originally Posted by RENNTURK View Post
aha i bet you saw me there, i RIP up the meat packers district clubs, yes the girls are and most of them are actually inteligent

what clubs did you hit?
because they are usually in college or just finished. professional people but you get your fashionistas and models there for the freedrinks/drugs and chill in the back and hang with the industry people. part of the reason why we are hurting right now as a whole is because nobody knew that the mbs were that risky but I remember looking at fremont and first franklin ect and thought to myself these people are doomed. someone with a 580 credit score and can't show income isn't going to pay with 5 or 10 percent down on a 400k loan... in nyc you have rich people from all over the world that live there or are visiting that want to party
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