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Originally Posted by LagunaBlau///M3 View Post
Very nice.

I know you said the clutch was slipping on the second run but when you guys are looking through the rear window in the video it looks like its a trail of smoke behind it or is just me?
There is a little smoke. #1, These engines are designed for extremely high horsepower and are set up a little on the loose side. #2, At high boost we're running very rich, #3 keep in mind traction control is also kicking in.

We test compression and leak-down on all stage 2.5 and 3 motors over and over again to ensure equal compression and less than 10% leak-down. The motor in this particular M3 has no cylinder to cylinder variations on compression and the leak-down is less than 5% on all cylinders.

We've tightened up the motors a little bit since the first couple and there is slightly less smoke under full throttle full load. Scott's has slightly tighter engine specs and I haven't seen his smoke. Although periodically even with some stage 1 & 2 cars you will see a little bit of smoke as the computer is running the car real rich and anytime the factory computer picks up a hint of knock it will inject extra fuel and pull out timing for protection.


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