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Originally Posted by redronin View Post
i also meant to ask what where you got that awesome software and if it was purchased or freeware? also how would one hook that computer and software up with obd2, since i see there is a screen for it
Software is Centrafuse and is available from It's a bity pricey specially if you get the version with the maps. I have the full version which works perfectly with my AyAySir USB GPS Receiver. The Map plugin is from Destinator. Maps are released every 6 months IIRC. Since another 3 friends of mine did a similar installation, the centrafuse cost was divided between us (we bought a single license )

There are a lot of plug-ins and the OBDII is one of them. Centrafuse v2.0 has its own Bluetooth stack implemented which means it supports a variety of bluetooth dongles and more important, the connection is much more stable than before.

I have a USB bluetooth dongle which I use to connect the Centrafuse with my Ipaq business navigator phone. The phonebook, sms messages, calls are automatically transfered in the carpc. I can make phonecalls too and voice is routed through the car's speakers. Unfortunately the OEM BMW microphone cannot be connected in the Mic-in to the motherboard for some reason, so I had to buy a normal microphone for PC. I took it apart and placed it in a discrete way at the top of the driver's pillar. There's a list of supported phones in fluxmedia's website. Most are Windows Mobile Phones / PPC.

In order for the OBDII to work, you will need an ELM327 based interface. It is the only IC that is supported in Centrafuse. I bought the interface from ebay for $40. It works very good and provides a lot of real-time data in a nice interface. The screenshot is from the older version. I now have the latest version which is more attractive. The bad thing is that the OBDII port is right in front of the gas pedal, and if you have the hardware connected you will definately kick it at some point I'm in the process to find a used OBDII port with wires so that I can "copy" the existing port (have 2 obdii ports) somewhere out of the way.

Carsoft,BMW-Scanner and other hardwares will NOT work with centrafuse.

I'm also in the process to get a USB radio since Centrafuse also provides a radio plugin. There's a list of compatible radio tuners too.

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