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Originally Posted by Damo323 View Post
thats what i thought but everytime you read about it people are been negative???

All ive ever wanted to do is turbo the car. is it really that hard to sort the software/tuning out? heard its quite expensive though....
no one is saying a supercharging is better then a turbo..(edit: lol )

an ebay bought turbo only will bring grief and frustration and a damaged car after your purchase..over the years many have tried this ebay deal turbo kits, with excuses like yeah on my friends e36..blah blah blah, with piggyback blah blah blah its easy@@!..

but they all ultimately fail and sell their car or get it stolen..

id rather wait and pay 2g or so more to have a proper kit made by a company or teh infamous nickg then rather buying the e36 derived hardware, and hope it some how works out with the rest of my engine..its been a long dicussed process.. with lots of people who duck out becasue ultimately it sucks.

maybe next time someone asks, we should tell him that it the sh1t , and that he should "buy it now" with the quickness on ebay!!!

anyways like sheekfo, i may go turbo... but once i get ALOT more enjoyment out of the clutched asa blower in my car... maybe when i hit 200k ill rebuild with a hopefully out by then 3.0 turbo kit.

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