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Originally Posted by Racing.Ray View Post
I'm wondering why it would be cheaper to change the entire engine instead of just the internals.

The swap would require a new transmission, drive by wire, and probably to complete electronics, not just the software. Plus the entire swap is pricey as hell.
If you go with the internals, I would only guess that modified software would be needed. And the install should be cheaper than a swap. I'm just guessing here.

Headers and pulleys are no-brainers, and cams can be installed by any halfway competent shop with the right tools.

Only thing I imagine to be really pricey, is if the ECU needs custom software tuning. Other than that, I can't imagine an internal swap to be physically or financially more complicated than a complete engine/tranny/electronic swap. As said I have no experience with this stuff, and only know as much as I read on forums...

It may be cheaper to just FI the engine, or change the car for a 330ci/i.

You can swap the M54B30 in to the 323 and keep the 323 intake manifold so that you keep the cable TB. You can also keep your 323 transmission. A simple flash tune can then be done to get it running perfect.
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