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Consider that you only have 40k km, about 25k miles, I would recommend to try some tlc first.

- If the pads are getting thin, replace

- Use some anti squeal paste inside the new pads

- You could change the rotors too but it's about $80 a side I would guess. Some turn the OEM ones... I don't, I like to get fresh ones when I change pads.

- Clean and re-grease the two caliper pins. Consider "upgrading" to solid brass guides and new pins.

- Inpect brake lines and brake pad sensors, replace as needed.

- Inspect and adjust parking brake assembly
(Don't forget to dissengage the p-brake when taking off the rear rotors...

- Flush the brake system (since you should consder bleeding the brakes anyway, just do so a lot and thus replace the brake fluid) You can have some one pump the brake pedal or just do what I do; pressurize the brake reservoir with one of those pump canisters..

Just my suggestions.. maybe just change the pads if they are worn as a first step..
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