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I too wanted to thank those who posted such informative information about the DIY.

I found it very very useful to read before I successfully completed the job today. (My Peake tool was sending code: 15 41)

Here are my adds:

When I bought my parts (from Evan at Tischer!) I purchased not only the new sensor but also the o-ring for it, a replacement o-ring for the vanos solenoid, and a new screw for attaching the sensor. All these extras were cheap and help ensure a good job. The screw for the sensor cost $0.36 and came with a dab of loctite already on it.

Someone in this thread mentioned earlier to be careful removing the vent pipe attached to the valve cover. I can attest to this because when I removed mine it snapped in two. The plastic becomes extremely brittle.

The replacement part for that vent tube costs $25-30. After it broke, I removed the old and then installed the new at the difficult end using a long thin screwdriver and my hands.

Thanks again to the posters of the great DIY info.
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