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Originally Posted by garen45 View Post
Hey guys i know there are a million threads on this but the more i read the more confused i get. I have a Zapco 500 mono amo and 2x12 alumapros. How the heck do i connect them. I need a line feed from my HU but when i read the posts it talks about an loc and stuff i've never heard of. I dont have the wiring yet and i'm trying to find out what i need so i can go buy it tommorow. Can anyone help?

1. What is an LOC... Do i need one?
2. Where do i get a line to plug into my amp for the subs to get audio (like replace my hk subs)?
A LOC is called Line Output Converter. Yes you do need one. What it does it is tapped (connected) to the factory speaker wires coming out of the factory amp if your using the factory radio. This should answer both of your questions.

What you will need is:
1. 2 of seven feet 4 - 6 gauge power wires
2. 1 of seven feet 14 - 16 gauge remote turn on wire
3. 1 of barrel fuse holder
4. 1 of 60 amp barrel fuse (I recommend buy a 5 pak of these fuses)
5. 1 of 6 feet RCA cable
6. 1 of a LOC

That's all of installation supplies you need. The first five items listed can be bought as an Amplifier Install Kit which probably run you about $40 and the LOC will probably run you $25. You can find these in any local stereo shop.

Here is a link to the installation from BSW, this will definitely help on the installation. It's a step by step process and you can't go wrong. I used it when I installed my amp and sub into my car and I used to work for stereo shop in the past but its always good to have some sort of reference. It's very detailed and with step by step photos as well.

Any questions feel free to ask. Good Luck

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