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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post
So I upgraded my tuner module and have the extra lead coming from the Antenna Diversity amplier. The end of this lead needs power. Has anyone connected this lead to another source for power? I noticed that the back of my CD changer has a similiar looking plug which is not being used for anything. The specs of my CD changer do not mention this plug. What would the plug be for (DSP?)? Yes found that that is the digital smb out for a DSP amp. (answering my own question). So on "legacy" tuner modules does the SMB connector provide 12V to the diversity amplifier?
Simple solution, found here:

Originally Posted by m.tran View Post
is there another way to find out what frequency type i have without going thru the c-pillar??
Three relatively easy ways. One, Look on your key, it will have the frequency written on it. Though the text on these keys do wear off fairly easy. Two, Next time you go to the dealership ask your supervisor to check on the frequency. It should be listen on the DCS as an option as to which frequency your key uses. Third, the c-pillar option in which it's written directly on the c-pillar.
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