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All of our brake kits do in fact have the option for pads with the OEM wear sensor in them.
This is standard on the 6-piston monobloc kits, and is an option on the 4-piston systems.
You will need to request the pad sensor when you place the order.

Keep in mind that brakes are one of the items where you do in fact "get what you pay for".
When you see brake systems that are priced significantly less than others, you should really look into what you are actually receiving for the money you are spending.

Manufacturing and build quality is one of the first major differences between many of these kits. Longevity of the components such as pads and rotors is another to look at closely. While some companies make claims to having less expensive replacement parts cost, you also need to take into consideration the frequency of having to replace such items. Other costs that are not frequently talked about are the unexpected cost of replacing other items such as hat's or brackets, seized hardware, or caliper rebuilds from many of these lower cost alternatives.

Brembo systems are as simply as "Install and Enjoy".
The only items that are considered consumable in our systems are the rotors and pads, just as in your OEM system.
For the 2pc. fully floating discs this will include replacing the connecting hardware between the disc and hat.
With Brembo, you will never need to purchase new hats/bells, brackets, caliper rebuild kits, or any other significant items as part of general maintenance or common use. You will not be advise to safety wire any of your hardware for fear of it coming apart during use. Lastly, quality and safety will never be compromised in exchange for lower costs and other claimed benefits.

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