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Originally Posted by nassersyed View Post
Hey guys,

I had a quick question- Whenever I'm braking and I happen to drive over a bump in the road or anything, I hear a "RRRRRRR" noise. It's not a squeak or anything. It happens only when I'm coming to a stop and if there's some kind of obstruction in the road, when I drive over it while braking my car makes a kind of sounds that can only be described as "RRRRRRRRR" and the braking pedal seems to go in a bit deeper.

Is this normal? It doesn't seem like it would be. Has anyone else experienced this? I have a 2002 M3, around 45K miles. I don't think it's the brake pad, and am kind of stumped.

Thanks in advance.
It's not impossible for it to be the pads, so unless you have visually inspected the pads in the calipers, don't rule them out.
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