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Originally Posted by howie View Post
a 325 w/ big brake kit?!? Thats like boosting a lawnmower. How fast do you need to stop from 0-60 in 2 miles?!? I agree w/ the above, get the brembo if its strictly for looks.
It's not how fast you stop that necessitates the big brake kit, it's how many repeated stops you make. You can have a 325 and require a big brake kit if you track the car, and you don't necessarily need a high HP car to enjoy the track. However, you need a car that can take 30min worth of hard core braking every corner without fading and still have good modulation. This is where the big brake kit shines.

If the car is just used for the street driving, then I agree, you won't ever need a big brake kit. If you track the car, even if it's not competitive, you'll enjoy the BBK.

Just to note, you don't need an M3 or 350hp car to go on the track. You just need a good working car with sticky tires, good brakes and good cooling system.
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